Education System in Palestine - An Overview

Development of Education System in Palestine is a huge challenge because Palestine is not an independent nation and surrounded with a lot of controversy.

The International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) is the administering authority for Educational development in Palestine. The country receives financial and moral back up from international donors, which includes government and individual corporates.  The IIEP with help from the Italian Government started two distinguished projects. These projects were planned to train Education officials at district and central ministry levels, in educational administration and financial management skills.

Furthermore, in October 1998, with the help of Italian Government, a project was initiated to help the Ministry of Education in Palestine to strengthen its capacities in policy formulation and the formation of its first five-year medium-term Education Development Plan. This project also included a functional audit at three levels, namely, Central Ministry, District and School. 

In October 1999, more than 200 representatives from International and donor agencies and Palestinian academic and social institutions were invited to discuss the modified draft in a Consultation Workshop held in Ramallah, Palestine. The workshop was also an effort to connect this plan with Ministries of Higher Education and Labour, especially in the fields of  of Technical and Vocational Education and Training. With technical assistance from IIEP, the Ministry reworked the plan and cut it down to almost one-third of its original estimated development cost. 

In August 2000, the Ministry applied the recommendations of the functional audit. The central Ministry was restructured in order to properly implement the Five-Year Education Development Plan.
At present, huge task needs to be done to develop the Education System in Palestine. For this, Education Ministry continuously strives for it with help from IIEP.
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