Education System in Palestine

Education in Palestine is administered by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE). There are three categories of schools; Boys' Schools, Girls' Schools and Co-educational schools. Basic education includes Grades 1 to 10 and this is divided into the preparatory stage (Grades 1 to 4) and the empowerment stage (Grades 5 to 10). The MOEHE has a responsibility for the whole education sector from pre-primary to higher education and for recruiting and training teachers as well. The mission of the MOEHE is:
  • To ensure education for all.
  • Improve its quality and its standards.
  • To ultimately develop citizens with sound and balanced characters.
Children in Palestine start Pre-primary education at 4 years; its duration is 2 years. Around the age of 6 children get enrollment in Primary education to study Grades 1 to 4. Further, they move to Middle School to study for another 6 years, i.e. Grade 5 to Grade 10. The duration of secondary education is 2 years. Here students take Class 11 and Class 12. At secondary education there are various subject choices available including vocational courses. After 2 years of Secondary Schooling students write the national secondary education examination (Tawjihi).

The Tawjihi certificate opens doors to apply for higher studies across colleges and universities. Also at this stage some students chose to go abroad for higher education. The university education consists of four years of college education which leads to the award of a bachelor's degree. The duration of master's degree programmes is two years . Some colleges provide two years of education for a diploma course.
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